Luna Jayne’s logo tagline is “Happiness for Your Art” and that’s exactly why we are unique. We create a happier coloring experience by eliminating the di13653285_915324111912335_250939616779147889_osappointment and frustration that often occurs with so many other brands of glitter gel pens.

Coloring is supposed to be fun! Reading reviews on other pen sets we discovered how unhappy customers were in their critical comments about skipping, scratching, drying out, leaking, exploding, blobbing, being too thin, too short, too brittle, and only half filled with ink. Our goal was to eliminate these shortcomings caused by poor quality and offer a new version of pen that had all the good qualities colorists love best about glitter gel pens.

Our premium pens honestly deliver – Discover the Difference!

img_1742• The top quality translucent pen barrel is thicker, stronger and more durable. And the
warmer texture provides easy-to-hold comfort for hours of coloring enjoyment.
• The premium 1mm Swiss-made tip is more durable and guarantees an easy-glide, silky-smooth application. The free flowing, almost “painting” quality of this artist pen eliminates the frustrations of skipping, scratching or drying out.
• Each pen contains a generous supply of concentrated premium quality ink.
• The 12 pens provide the ideal assortment of colors including vibrant primary and secondary colors, fun pink and blue, and important neutrals: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, magenta-pink, sky blue, bronze, brown, gray and silver.


• The pen set is packaged in a convenient transparent case for easy storage or travel.


• The pen set includes a img_7806Bonus “Make More Colors!” pdf guide with instructions how to easily mix and create 24 additional colors, turning your 12 into 36! Have fun using your imagination to create just about any new color desired!




We were honored that artist, Jennifer Shaffer with the Creative Coloring Group and Jennifer Shaffer Art & Reviews , took the time to demonstrate the pens.