Coloring with glitter gel ink is so much fun, and the sparkling effects can be exciting and uplifting. But how to capture all that happiness in a photo?

Daily coloring and taking photos of my glitter artwork has taught me a way to accomplish this, which I would like to share with you.

Step by Step Process

1. Put your picture on a desk or table or other surface in a tilted-up position. (I often use my lap so I can easily adjust the angle, and often the picture is tilted down if it best reflects the light).

2. Make sure there is an overhead ceiling light in the room to shine down directly onto the picture. (I use my office ceiling light and eliminate all other sources of light.)

3. Use your smart phone or camera to look at the picture. Get as close as possible. Adjust the angle of the picture until you can see the absolute most intense sparkle, and start clicking away! Every picture will be different depending on the colors used and the size, so it’s a lot of experimenting. Some pictures are easy, and some are challenging. (I may get a great shot in the first few, or may take dozens!)

4. Think of yourself as a photographer. Try to capture the “essence” of the picture with the lighting. What area of the picture would you like to emphasize and highlight? What is its story, its message? What emotion do you feel? Try to capture its magic that you would like to share with others.

5. Upload the photos directly to laptop or computer. Never scan, as this will eliminate all sparkle. Look at your slide show of shots and choose the best one! (Most of the time there is a good shot, but sometimes I have to repeat the process, With practice you are fairly sure when you have taken a good one!)

Tips for Success

1. Color smaller pictures. This saves time and ink and allows you to see your finished art sooner! If your coloring pages are full size it can seem to take “forever” to finish! I suggest reducing the size. This size would be similar to pocket or travel size coloring book pages.  Full pages will show some sparkle and half pages will show much more sparkle because you can get closer to the picture:   Do this ONLY if allowed by the artist’s copyright law.

img_79102. Take close ups of a selected area of the picture. If you don’t mind only showing a portion of the page, this will allow you to get an even closer shot which will show intense sparkle.

img_5717   img_68083. Use lots of the ultra-sparkly yellow color. You can also layer it over the other colors to intensify their sparkle, which will also create new colors – see the Bonus pdf guide with Color Mixing Chart that shows you how to make 24 new additional colors! (I often use yellow over green to make bright lime, and over orange to make bright pumpkin. Sky blue, bronze and gray are also extremely sparkly and I love to use them often).


I hope this process and the tips help you have more success! Good luck and Enjoy!