Your purchase of the Luna Jayne 12-Color Glitter Gel Pen Set includes a Bonus guide for creating 24 additional colors. This downloadable pdf is delivered in your thank you email 2 days after you receive your pen set. It’s called “Make More Colors!”  and includes an Artist Mixing Chart showing you which 2 colors to mix together to create a new color.

Now you can create even more colors. Learn how to mix 8 frosted colors using the silver pen!

The new colors are: frosted gold, frosted orange, frosted pink, frosted red, frosted bronze, frosted lavender, frosted blue and frosted mint. And you can use your imagination to create even more!

IMG_3535 IMG_8039

Luna Jayne’s uniquely concentrated gel ink makes color mixing easy. The free-flowing almost painting” quality of the pens  make color mixing fun. And as an artist-colorist, it’s wonderful to realize you can really get creative use these 12 pens to expand your color selection by making just about any color you desire!

IMG_0147      IMG_0145The Super Simple Mixing Process

  1. Choose a New Color: Say you would like to create Frosted Pink.
  2. The Two Colors to Mix Together: Silver + Magenta Pink.
  3. Mix the Two Colors: Color in with the silver pen first. Then color on top of it with the Magenta-Pink. This will produce the new Frosted Pink color.

Tips for Success

  1. Every frosted color is made the same way. Color first with the silver pen, then color on top with the color of choice. Refer to the color swatches for each desired color.
  2. Both dry and wet mixing work. You can wait for the silver to completely dry, or color on top of it when it is still wet. Either way works. Usually the wet version produces a lighter variation. 
  3. Press your picture under books. When coloring with gel pens, and especially when overlaying colors, you may get raised areas on your picture. We always recommend pressing your page under a stack of books between colorings and before taking photos. It makes for a beautiful, perfectly flat picture! 

Experimenting is fun, and you never know what you might discover…. Enjoy!