Deborah Kramer is an artist, designer, writer and entrepreneur, and a lover of animals and nature. Her personal mission is to help herself and others heal, evolve and find  happiness through art, nature and spiritual awakening.

At this time in her life, Deborah sees herself as an adult whose inner child is coming out to play. She is founder and owner of the new company Luna Jayne, a brand that offers premium quality, fun art and craft supplies. Created as a messenger of happiness, the company’s logo tagine is “Happiness for Your Art” and all of its products are just for fun.

Deborah’s background in creative careers includes 2 years as an assistant fashion editor of a major Los Angeles newspaper; 17 years as a fashion designer and co-owner of a garment manufacturing business for 10 of those years; and 7 years as a home designer, owning a real estate investing business. She is also a certified permaculture designer, certified victory gardener, and was trained as a planting supervisor in urban and wilderness restoration programs. Currently Deborah is enjoying creating artwork with her Luna Jayne glitter gel pens.

A passionate new colorist, she has joined the adult coloring phenomenon and wonderful community of global colorists. She is a member of numerous Facebook groups, including art therapy groups, and shares her unique sparkling artwork in daily posts. She also advises others how to get better results coloring with glitter gel pens, and how to take great photos of their pictures. Deborah is excited to share her expertise through posts and blogging, and will soon offer coloring related tutorials.

The first product, a 12-Color Glitter Gel Pen Set, was introduced in May and is currently being sold and fulfilled by Amazon in the US, and on Ebay for international shipping.  Product distribution to Canada, the UK, and other European countries are underway, with other products in the pipeline.